Launch of the ACEIDHA website

ACEIDHA website was created as an information and knowledge sharing platform and will be the main official channel of communication. This website contains information on the project, on its context and on its expected impacts and benefits. The website will be a user-friendly and interactive platform where members can share information. The website will be designed to ensure transparency of ACEIDHA funding and decision-making procedures. The ACEIDHA website will have key stakeholders’ logos which will link to their respective websites. It will enable all stakeholders (institutions and other partners) full access to all information they may need as an indicator of transparency, adherence to safeguards procedures and the project’s potential for regional development impact. It will have links to all issues of the archived newsletters, financial reports, annual work plans, research outputs, Links to websites of the ACEs or hosting institutions feature on the website. The website will be updated on a weekly basis.