Dr. Chummy S. Sikasunge

Photo of Dr. Sikasunge
Department of Para-Clinical Studies
NTD Coordinator

NTDs Coordinator:  Dr. Chummy S. Sikasunge (BVM, MSc, Ph.D.) is a Veterinary Parasitologist. He has vast experience in the immunodiagnosis of T. solium infections. His interest is Parasitic Zoonoses and since 2002, he has been working on T. solium infections in pigs. In 2005, he obtained his Masters in Veterinary Parasitology from the University of Zambia and in 2009, he got his Ph.D. in Parasitology and Parasite Immunology at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. He is the Principle Investigator for the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funded project; Cystinet Africa Zambian component, Taenia solium Experimental Pig Infection Model (TEPIM) project. He has also been involved in the Cystic Echinoccocosis in Sub-Saharan Africa Research Initiative (CESSARi) network wherein he served as the Principal Investigator for the Zambian part. He holds a diploma in Project Planning and Management as well as in Research Methodology. He is a consultant for Ministry of Health (MoH) on NTDs where he has been instrumental in the completion of mapping the country for Schistosomiasis (SCH) and Soil-Transmitted Helminthiasis (STH) and conducting Lymphatic Filariasis (LF) baseline and coverage surveys as well contributing in the development of the Zambia National NTD Action plan.  As the ACEIDHA NTD Coordinator, Dr. Sikasunge is responsible for planning, organizing and executing all research activities on NTD thematic area.

Research Interests
  1. Parasitic diseases affecting both human and animal populations.
Contact Details
Cell: +260-979-878672 Email: cssikasunge@unza.zm