Master of Science in Tropical Infectious Diseases and Zoonosis


Infectious diseases continue to pose a major threat to the health of people of most developing nations. The emergence and spread of infections like extensively drug resistant tuberculosis, ebola, dengue, chikungunya, and avian influenza have highlighted the importance of effective global response to epidemic threats. This programme will highlight examples of the major viral, rickettsial, bacterial, protozoal, parasitic, and fungal infections transmitted from wild and domesticated animals to humans, especially in the context of outbreak investigations and disease prevention. Since the programme covers diseases transmissible from animals to humans, it provides additional training in the epidemiology of infectious diseases for persons pursuing careers in public health and related disciplines.

In this programme, professionals ranging from clinicians, nurses, policymakers, researchers, veterinarians and health educators share questions, successes, and lessons learned to advance the field of tropical infectious diseases of global importance.


Entrance Requirements
(a) The applicant must possess:

  1.  A Bachelor of Science degree in Health or Biomedical fields of study.
  2. Graduates from any recognized University in the field of Biological Sciences, Medicine, Public Health, Veterinary Medicine, Environmental Health, Nursing, Food Science, Agricultural Sciences, Social Sciences, and any other related field of study.
  3. Candidates with observed deficiencies in particular areas will be required to undertake bridging courses.
  4. A minimum of credit or two years of working experience will be an added advantage.

(b) In general rules and regulations prescribed by the Directorate of Research, Innovation and Development of the University of Zambia (

(c)Candidates wishing to pursue course(s) under this program may be considered and will be awarded a certificate upon successful completion. Such candidates shall not be eligible for the award of MSc in Tropical Infectious Diseases and Zoonosis.

(d) Candidates who successfully complete part I, but for any reason fail to complete part II of the programme will be awarded a postgraduate diploma in Tropical diseases and zoonoses.


Postgraduate Fees

Please note that:

  • Registration requires payment of fees.
  • All fees meant for the University should be paid into the UNZA Directorate Postgraduate Account OR by cheque into the same account.
  • Fees meant to cover Costs related to student welfare and research costs should be paid to the student.
  • In the event of a student withdrawing from studies, tuition and other fees may not be refunded in full.
How to Apply

Here's how to apply for the course.

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