Master of Science In One Health Diagnostic Sciences


The Africa Centre of Excellence for Infectious Diseases of Humans and Animals (ACEIDHA) was established at the University of Zambia (UNZA), School of Veterinary Medicine, with a loan obtained by the Zambian Government from the World Bank Group. The mandate of the Centre is to deliver high-quality research and training to smart, motivated and ambitious scientists and technologists from the African continent, so as to reduce the critical shortage of skilled human resources in the diagnosis, prevention and control of infectious diseases on the continent.

The Centre and the School is formulating the Master of Science In One Health Diagnostic Sciences based on the conviction that solutions to health problems, human, animal and the environment, come from a multi-disciplinary approach.

The ‘One Health Concept’ emanates from the fact that infectious diseases of humans and animals are increasingly becoming a matter of concern to human welfare and economic development. The realization that most emerging human pathogens are of animal origin makes infectious diseases a shared problem between human and animal health sectors, and their control a common objective of ‘One Health’. Efficient and reliable diagnosis of zoonotic diseases remains a cornerstone of their prevention and control.


The applicant must possess:

  • A Bachelor’s degree from any recognized University in the field of Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine/Science, Agriculture, and any other related field of study.
  • Graduates in health-related fields of study such as food science and public health may apply, provided they are graduates from a recognized University.

(a) In general, rules and regulations prescribed by the Directorate of Research and Graduate Studies at the University of Zambia shall apply (

(b) Candidates wishing to pursue any specific course(s) under this programme may be considered and will be awarded a certificate upon successful completion. Such students shall not be eligible for the award of the MSc in One Health Laboratory Diagnostics.
(c) Candidates who successfully complete Part I, but for any reason fail to complete Part II of the programme will be awarded a postgraduate diploma in One Health Laboratory Diagnostics.


Postgraduate Fees

Please note that:

  • Registration requires payment of fees.
  • All fees meant for the University should be paid into the UNZA Directorate Postgraduate Account OR by cheque into the same account.
  • Fees meant to cover Costs related to student welfare and research costs should be paid to the student.
  • In the event of a student withdrawing from studies, tuition and other fees may not be refunded in full.


How to Apply

Here's how to apply for the course.

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