Prof. Martin Simuunza

Photo of Dr. Simuunza
Department of Disease Control
Deputy Centre Leader

Prof. Martin C. Simuunza (Ph.D., MSc, BVM, Postgraduate Diploma Research Methodology) has been working as a university educator, training undergraduate and postgraduate students in Epidemiology, Parasitology (Protozoology and Entomology) and Biostatistics for the last 18 years. He has supervised several MSc and Ph.D. students in epidemiology and population genetics of mostly protozoan parasites including those transmitted by tsetse flies and ticks; has been conducting research in the epidemiology of a number of infectious diseases of humans and animals; has experience in successful application for grant-aided research funds, designing and implementation of research studies and data analysis, has worked as a member of a number of research collaborative networks, he has also actively participated in efforts aimed at improving animal disease surveillance systems for the Department of Veterinary Services in Zambia. He has managed a number of programs that support foreign students for a number of years. Prof. Simuunza has administrative experience as Head of Department for Disease Control in the School of Veterinary Medicine; and also has coordinated the development of curricula for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. He is also the coordinator for the MSc One health Analytical Epidemiology Programme in the School of Veterinary Medicine. 

Contact Details
Email:, Tel +260968808511