Dr. Rosemary Ndonyo Likwa

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One Health Coordinator (Humans)

Dr Rosemary Ndonyo Likwa is a Senior Lecturer, Research fellow, and consultant at the University of Zambia, School of Public Health. In the current UNZA- ACEIDHA project, with support from the World Bank Group, initiated in 2016 and approved in 2017- 2022, she holds a position as the One Health Coordinator (Human) collaborating project activities on the Human side to strengthen infectious disease post-graduate training and research capacity in the Schools of Medicine, Public Health and School of Veterinary Medicine. She has also been involved in an earlier similar collaborative project between the Schools of Veterinary Medicine and Medicine (Human) for the initiation of the Southern Africa Control of infectious Diseases (SACIDS) for initiating a ONE HEALTH Concept approach, through training and research in four countries of Eastern and Southern Africa, as One Health Coordinator expert in both coordination, postgraduate teaching and research. This project was under the support of the Welcome Trust of the United Kingdom from 2010 to 2015 that yielded positive response to the control and prevention of infectious diseases, through a “One Health approach” and in setting a further research agenda that culminated in the development of the World Bank-supported project.  She is a renowned academic professional staff with 45 years of working experience, with a breakdown of 23 years in the Health sector service industry with the Ministry of health, and 22 years in the academic institution of the University of Zambia. Her extensive institutional contributions to resource mobilization and postgraduate program development initiative of Master of Public Health in Population Studies to strengthen capacity building in Public Health in 2011 alongside other collaborative Public Health postgraduate programs with the School of Veterinary Medicine in 2010, 2015, and 2018, for the University of Zambia demonstrate great impetus to the institutional academic capacity development.

She has a Philosophy Doctorate (Ph.D.) degree in Population and Environmental Studies obtained at the University of Liverpool, Department of Geography, in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2005, Master of Art (M.A) degree in Population studies (Medical Demography) obtained at the University of Exeter, Institute of Population Studies, in the United Kingdom (UK) in 1988, and Diplomas in Demography and Reproductive Epidemiology, University of Illinois, Chicago, USA  in 1979,and Nursing Sciences at the University Teaching Hospital School of Nursing in 1974. Other postgraduate professional certificates of achievements include: Research leadership skill training at the University of Zambia in collaboration with the Association of African Universities (AAU) in 2018; Postgraduate supervision and mentorship certificate at the University of Zambia in 2014; Certificate in Biostatistics and computer-based analysis at the University of Zimbabwe in 1993; Certificate in Applied Biostatistics to Reproductive Health Epidemiology at the University of Dar-Es-Salaam, Muhimbili Medical Centre, Dar-Es-Salaam, Republic of Tanzania;  Trainer of trainers in Health Systems Research (HSR) Certificate for Africa region and national research capacity building  for East, Central and Southern Africa (ECSA) countries and conducted  research training in 15 countries including Zambia with different health research themes developed for application in their respective countries supported by the WHO, from 1994- 1997 and 2005.

Furthermore, she has a vast experience in research capacity application in teaching research methodology and other courses to over 5,881 undergraduate and postgraduate students taught from 1997 to July 2019 in the Schools of Medicine, Public Health, and Veterinary medicine. She has supervised over 133 undergraduate and postgraduate students, with a distribution of 52 undergraduates and 81 MSc, MPH and PhD postgraduates in the Schools of Medicine, Public Health and School of Veterinary medicine as principal supervisor and co-supervisor from 2004 to the current 2019, with a total of nineteen (19) scientific papers presented at international conferences and local symposium/fora. Her participation in the design and application of innovative research approaches for district health system strengthening culminated in the initiation of “Health Reforms”, through decentralization of health services in 1991, including the involvement in multi-centre research studies of maternal mortality and reproductive health in four ECSA countries of Lesotho, Malawi, Uganda and Zambia in 1991 triggered development of more innovative research approaches for improving maternal health and reduction in maternal mortality in the participating countries.  For her research publications, refer to google scholar for more evidence.

Research Interests
  1. Public Health
  2. One Health and Zoonosis
  3. Population Health and Global Health
Contact Details
Email: likwa.ndonyo@unza.zm, Telephone: +260 977836764