Mr. Ngenda Mbindawina

Photo of Mr. Ngenda Mbindawina

Mr. Ngenda Mbindawina holds ACCA qualification and a member of the Zambia Institute of Certified Accountants (ZICA). He is currently studying his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) - Management Strategy, with the Graduate School of Business at the University of Zambia.

 He has worked for the University of Zambia (UNZA) for nineteen (19) years and this has given him an in-depth understanding of the University of Zambia's financial, procurement and other related systems. He has wide experience in managing project funds within the University departments. His first appointment was in 2000 at the School of Medicine, 2004 - 2013 worked at Institute of Economic and Social Research (INESOR), 2013 - 2015 worked at Marshlands Village (Business Unit of UNZA) and from 2015 - 1st September 2019 worked as an Accountant for School of Engineering and his currently working at School of Veterinary Medicine.

Apart from his mainstream work, he has been seconded to several projects within the University, developing and managing budgets and accounts. He has maintained a steady rise in competence for he has handled projects funds of different volumes. He is well versed with several accounting packages as recommended for use by the different funders from time to time. He was a co-opted member of the School of Medicine's Research Ethics Committee and has research ethics training.

Projects: Under the University of Zambia

  1. HEPSSA / Adaptive Education for Quality and Employable Engineering Graduates 
  2. Shorter Treatment for Minimal Tb in Children Trial (SHINE) 
  3. Trials of Excellence in Southern Africa (TESA) 
  4. Network of Excellence in Renewable Energy Technologies for Development (NEED) 
  5. Options for Reducing Corruption in Procurement: The Case of the Construction Sector in Zambia 
  6. EdData II Zambia National Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) Survey 
  7. Children with HIV in Africa – Pharmacokinetics and adherence/acceptability of simple antiretroviral regimens -CHAPAS 3 
  8. Rapid Evaluation of Moxifloxacin in the Treatment of Sputum Smear Positive Tuberculosis REMOX Evaluation of transrenal- DNA detection to diagnose tuberculosis (TB tr-DNA) 
  9. Mobility to Enhance Mobility to Enhance Training of Engineering Graduates in Africa (METEGA)
  10. Active Detection of Active TB - ADAT