Welcome Note

Photo of Prof. Hang'ombe.I am humbled to welcome you to the Africa Centre of Excellence for Infectious Diseases of Humans and Animals (ACEIDHA) at the University of Zambia, School of Veterinary Medicine.

The increased reports of emerging and re-emerging zoonotic diseases, such as Influenza, Ebola virus infections, Rift valley fever, pneumonic plague, leptospirosis, anthrax, tuberculosis, trypanosomiasis, and neglected tropical diseases is of major public health concern. Or recent emergence is the Coronavirus which has caused a serious COVID-19 pandemic. This is an indication that new measures are needed to urgently contain the risk posed by these diseases as their occurrence has high health and socio-economic impacts. Developing the required human resource through training of regional and national students is key to an initial start in the control and understanding of these infections. 

The centre has developed applied research programs for regional and local scientists to pursue high-impact educational training in emerging and re-emerging zoonotic infections. This development will in one way or another impart positively to the development of Sustainable development goals.

Center Leader

Prof. Benard Mudenda Hang'ombe